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Financial Control and Governance

October 2019 

1. Introduction

1. Background
Club Longford (“CL” or “the Club”) was established in September 2019 as a means of generating income for the support of the County GAA teams. The Committee is acutely aware of the need for good governance both from a best practice perspective and as a confidence-building measure in its dealing with supporters of the Club, both individual and corporate.
The objective of Club Longford is to assist county teams to reach their full potential and to meet the highest on-field standards. Equally, CL seeks to operate to the highest standards in all that it does in its off-field activities. This governance policy is the cornerstone of such standards.

2. Document Content and Layout
CL has developed and adopted a comprehensive governance policy document broken into 8 sections as follows:

Section 1. Introduction.
Section 2. Structure
Section 3. Mission statement
Section 4. Budgeting and Fundraising
Section 5. Procurement
Section 6. Banking
Section 7. Legal and Procedural
Section 8. Communications and Public Relations.

3. Highlights
• Club Longford is a sub-committee of Longford GAA County Board
• The Committee is made up of volunteers who are giving their time and efforts to the achievement of the goals of Club Longford. They will not be compensated for their time
• A key focus on the Policy document is on the execution of high standards of financial control, financial budgeting and reporting (to and from the County Board) and procurement
• The Policy also contains provisions that apply to members re code of conduct, conflict of interests and gifts/hospitality
• The Committee members and officers are set out in a separate section of the website
• The Committee comprises of members that represent a broad mix of skills which it believes is required to maximise the contribution of Club Longford
• The interaction of Club Longford with the Longford GAA County Board is clearly set out so that there is common understanding of the roles that both parties play in this aspect of the development of GAA in the county
• The County Board will have a single representative on the Committee and this person will be the liaison point between Club Longford and the County Board
• Club Longford will establish a net revenue goal at the start of each financial and, as activities develop, establish what such net revenues may be spent on
• Within that context, individual fundraising activities to reach the target net revenues will also be subject to the production of associated budgets and financial reporting
• A key aspect of financial planning and control is the production of reports and data on a timely basis. The Policy contains a schedule which sets out the annual planning timelines to produce various documents that are central to the efficient and effective running of Club Longford
• Club Longford will produce a summary of its activities at the end of each financial year
• Financial year is defined as November 1st to October 31st to coincide with the County Board financial year.